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I am Anne Shaw. I believe in the dignity of others and fighting for that. I am a civil rights attorney running for judge of the 6th subcircuit of the Cook County Circuit Court.

As a teen I watched my Asian-American father, a DCFS public servant, as he successfully sued his workplace for blatant discrimination. My initial anger at his treatment turned into a life as a Chicago civil rights attorney who is still fighting passionately for the rights of others. I started my own law firm in 2003 and 10 years ago I helped found the first pro bono legal clinic in Chinatown which has served thousands of indigent and low income immigrants. As a homeowner, I am especially passionate about property rights and as a community activist I have done extensive free legal work for various groups including working as a volunteer board member for the Cook County Board of Ethics.


Anne Shaw is Recommended by the the Cook County Bar Association

“I am incredibly humbled by this rating.” CCBA letter of recommendation is here

Anne is Running in the 6th Judicial Subcircuit:

What Is A Subcircuit?

Cook County has the 2nd largest court system in the world. In Cook County, there are 24 Subcircuits. Anne is running in the 6th Subcircuit. As of December 2014, the Cook County Circuit Court has 257 circuit judges, who are elected for six-year terms. Circuit judges must be retained by voters every six years.  

Are you in the District?  A map of the 6th Subcircuit is here

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What Anne Will Bring To The Bench

As a highly respected civil rights attorney and small firm owner, Anne Shaw has been actively involved in Chicago’s communities for 30 plus years. Anne believes Chicago’s make-up of judges should reflect the people and interests of those communities that she’s loved and worked for in all their diversity and needs. Anne will bring to the bench not only her legal knowledge, but an empathy enlarged by those years and a hard earned judicious awareness of Chicago’s complex and myriad perspectives. Anne believes Justice should be non partisan. She knows how important it is that judges have unbiased yet active hearts for all that come in front of a judge, including the underrepresented, in a legal system that is not always as accessible to all as it should be.


Delia Ramirez
Democrat, Illinois House of Representatives, 4th district

I endorse Anne Shaw for Cook County, 6th subcircuit, Judge. Vote for Anne!

Omar Aquino
Illinois Senate, 2nd district

I endorse Anne. She'll make a great Judge.

Iris Martinez
First Latina woman to be elected to the Illinois State Senate

I endorse Anne Shaw, Judge for Cook County, 6th subcircuit Court,  Vote for Anne.

Jaime Andrade
State representative, 40th District

Anne will make a fair and impartial judge. I endorse Anne as the next 6th sub district judge.

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Anne Shaw actively serves the legal and general community

Anne helped found and co-chaired the Chinatown Pro Bono Legal Clinic • Volunteer board member for the Cook County Board of Ethics (helped to bring down Joe Barrios) Past Vice President of the East Village Association • Board member of Lieutenant Governor Pat Quinn‘s Asian American Advisory Council(lots more here)

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I want to thank all my friends, family, supporters, and voters for their love, support and efforts. Although, I did not win this race, I ran a positive campaign and did it with heart for real change and diverse progressive representation in the Court. I spread the message of wrap around social services for litigants and Courtroom advocates. I hope to continue that advocacy and don’t need to be a judge to do it.

Congratulations to Jamie Guerra Dickler

Now be safe and please practice responsible social distancing. Check on your friends and family, especially our senior citizens.
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An awesome day for voting! Thanks to my friends and family for coming out for me. Oh and a voter gave me a star!

Please vote for me #punch 232

Also please check your polling places and finally the super early voting places will take voters from all over. Polls close at 7 pm.
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Among my proud endorsement is State Rep. Jaime Andrade. Jaime is a fighter for his community in the 40th District and a great community leader.
Punch 232, vote Anne Shaw for Judge!
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Judge 6th subcircuit, Chicago, Cook


Anne Shaw Judge Chicago 6th subcircuit

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